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Why a blog? 

I’m definitely far from the worst case of chronic illness. I consider myself a ‘moderate’ sufferer. I have several physical chronic illnesses which cause me pain, fatigue, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, nerve pain and much more. I also suffer with mental health issues; anxiety disorder, OCD and depression. There are so many symptoms with each illness that it is hard to keep on top of what is causing them. I am a part time wheelchair user due to the mobility issues that come with my illnesses. I use it for longer trips such as shopping or days out. I also have crutches which I use for shorter distances.

So, my reason for starting a blog? I want to write posts about myself, my life and other subjects that are affected by illness in the hope that it helps others in some way. Even if just one person feels better for knowing they are not alone with their suffering, it will all be worth it!

I’m hoping to include in my posts disabled friendly days out, not only their accessibility but also from a sensory point of view. So many things can affect sufferers such as light, sound and smell and I don’t think there is enough information for visitors about these. Most of the places I visit will be in North West UK, mainly Manchester as that’s where I live and I don’t tend to venture far or very often.

I’m also hoping to include beauty tips, how I stay positive, how I feel about certain therapies for chronic illness, food, exercise, hobbies, how to get some of the ‘pre-illness’ you back, how to get through the bad days, what inspires me to keep going and anything else that springs to mind! I hope you enjoy reading.


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