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My Therapy Box

The therapy box was an idea given to me by one of my counsellors to help calm me when my anxiety, anger or stress levels are high. It’s been really helpful to me so I wanted to share the idea. 

Basically, a therapy box is something you can get out when you feel your emotions getting the better of you and you need to calm yourself and get back into your comfort zone. You fill the box with things that will help you achieve this. The idea is to have these calming things close by so you can access them whenever you need. 

My box is just a shoe box that I’ve decorated to make it more personalised. You can print out photos that make you happy and stick them all over it or decorate it with embellishments. Just make it your own. All you need to do then is fill it with all the things you like. Obviously if you are going to store chocolate in there, don’t leave it somewhere warm where it could melt and spoil all your things. Here is a list of things you could fill it with:

  • Colouring book & felt tips
  • Candles
  • Chocolate/Sweets
  • A book
  • A film
  • Bath products 
  • Herbal tea bags
  • A cook book
  • Photos of loved ones
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Letters that mean a lot to you
  • A written down memory to make you smile
  • Crafty things
  • A teddy or something to cuddle
  • A hot water bottle or wheat bag
  • A diary
  • A stress ball
  • Bubble wrap
  • A face mask
  • An iPod or CD
  • A jigsaw puzzle
  • A meditation CD

Once you have filled it, leave it somewhere easily accessible. Mine is next to my bed. My bedroom is where I feel most comfortable and where I go when my emotions are jumping around. I sit on my bed, focus on my breathing and calm myself with things from my box. 

I hope you find this post useful. Please let me know what you think about this idea and if you’ve tried it. 


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