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Making life easier

If, like me, you spend a lot of time alone, getting through simple tasks during the day can be difficult when you have an illness. I’ve got a few tips to make life that little bit easier and more bearable. (Please note: I don’t have children, my partner works during the day but I have help from him in the evenings. I understand these tips may not be practical for everyone).

  • Make fruit smoothies. They are delicious and a good source of nutrition if cooking is too difficult. You can buy frozen smoothie mixes so no need to chop lots of fruit. Just add a fruit juice with your smoothie mix in a blender. If someone can do it for you, ask them to make a few and freeze a couple so you have them easily available on your bad days. I love this one from Aldi and I blend it with cranberry and raspberry juice.
  • Give yourself a break. Netflix, Sky Boxsets and tv series’ are your new best friend. Find a show you can binge watch and just spend the day resting while keeping yourself entertained. Don’t feel guilty for having a bad day. The washing can wait one day while you conserve your energy. Overdoing things can cause you a massive set back and even cause a flare up. Some of my favourite shows include Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. There are plenty to get through as well. If they don’t take your fancy, watch some films or documentaries. Shutter Island, Dallas Buyers Club and Silver Linings Playbook are some of my fave films. Making a Murderer is a brilliant documentary on Netflix. I could talk about shows forever. Moving on!
  • Online shopping! A fantastic invention in my opinion because I absolutely HATE shopping! Treat yourself to some new pj’s or do your full food shop and have it delivered to your house at a time that suits you. Grocery shopping is a necessity but if getting out to do it is too much, doing it online can be a life saver!
  • Have a therapy box. Click here to see my post on what a therapy box is and what to fill it with.
  • Prioritise tasks. I sometimes look around my house and feel disgusted by how messy it has become. However, I can’t clean it all in one go so I focus on doing one or two tasks per day and feel accomplished once I’ve completed them. Those tasks could be doing a load of washing and cleaning the bathroom or sweeping the floor downstairs and washing the pots. It will depend on how I feel that day. The aim is to do something that will make a difference but not overdoing it and spending the next few days feeling completely useless. 
  • Simplify your hair and makeup routine. I used to have really long hair but brushing and putting it up became really difficult so I had it cut short. It was a big step but life is so much easier now and it’s currently at a length that’s short and easy to manage but also doesn’t need washing every day. A quick spray of dry shampoo works perfectly to keep it looking fresh. As for makeup, I do enjoy wearing it and like to put at least a little bit on most days; just to make me look human even though I might not feel it! My simple makeup routine includes foundation, eyebrow pencil and mascara. I can’t always apply more than that and these products give me a bit of a “made up” feel without doing too much. 

These are just a few tips but they certainly make my life easier and help save my spoons. I hope you’ve found this post useful and I’d love to find out other people’s tips too. 


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