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One Lovely Blog Award

I’m so happy that I’ve been nominated for a ‘One Lovely Blog’ award by Squidgeaboo at The EDS Chronicles. Thank you Squidgeaboo! 
As a nominee, I must give you 7 facts about myself, display the award logo on this post and nominate 10 blogs who I think deserve the award. 

Seven Random Facts

  1. My mum and dad seriously considered naming me ‘Bambi!’ I’m so so thankful that they decided on ‘Vicki’ instead!
  2. I used to be petrified of fluff when I was younger. I couldn’t go anywhere near it and used to dare myself to look at my dads de-bobbler machine!
  3. I used to dream about flying to Neverland with Peter Pan. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to make myself fly. I have a tattoo on my forearm to show my love for all things Neverland.
  4. I currently have 7 tattoos. I don’t have a recurring theme, I just go for what I like and it’s so far it includes a Marilyn Monroe portrait on my upper arm and a big fox on my thigh amongst others.
  5. I don’t actually know the natural colour of my hair anymore. When I was a kid, it was strawberry blonde. Since year 7 at school (11 years old) I’ve had it dyed. I go for all kinds of colours these days and when my roots show through, they look kind of potato colour?? 
  6. I have nicknames for most people I know. I use them so often that when their actual name is used, I have to really think about who is being mentioned. 
  7. If I ever get well enough to go back to work, I’d love to open a salon with my best friend. It would be amazing to work with her everyday and see her beaut face!

So there are 7 random facts about me. I’m sure that made for a thrilling read! 

Here are the wonderful bloggers that I nominate for the One Lovely Blog award. I enjoy reading posts from each of you for different reasons. Some are beauty, some invisible illness and others lifestyle. You’re all so entertaining and I look forward to reading your future posts.

LazyGirlLoves – Amanda

The EDS Chronicles – Squidgeaboo 

Katie Blogs It All – Katie

Tall Curvy Mumma – Claire

Living In A Limited World – Pamela

Living Alone With Disability – Kim

Brainless Blogger – Nikki

Invisible Zebra – Charlie

Chronic Illness Support – Joanne

Chronic Babe – Jenni


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