My 2 Lists

This post is about bucket lists. It might seem like it's going to be a bit morbid but I think that having a bucket list can be really motivating, especially if you have a progressive illness or your symptoms are becoming more difficult to manage. I often feel down when I think about the things … Continue reading My 2 Lists

A New Direction

I love writing my blog and I'm really happy that people have found it helpful. I've had messages from those who are newly diagnosed, those who have felt alone in their journey and those who have benefitted from some of my suggestions in previous blog posts. However, I tend to write my posts so they … Continue reading A New Direction

Losing Hope

I'm normally a positive person and try to remain upbeat and enthusiastic about all things, including illness. However, lately, I'm struggling to keep up with this positive attitude.  I've always managed to power through or try new ways of doing things while Paul is at work but recently, this has become a huge struggle. My … Continue reading Losing Hope