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Let’s talk about sex, baby!

*Adults only* 

Since my new direction for this blog is honesty, let’s be honest. When you think of having sex, all you can think of is the pleasure and excitement…..unless you have a chronic illness. It kind of removes a chunk of the romance when you have to pause for an inhaler or to put a joint back in place or to stop altogether due to the pain and nobody enjoys that! So I have a few tips for keeping the romance alive and keeping the sex going!!

  1. Role Play. Yep! I’m the patient and you’re the doctor. Give me a thorough examination. 😜 Or, start off with a massage. Role Play can be so much fun and doesn’t require any more energy! In fact you might actually feel more relaxed and at ease (especially if you’re getting a massage!)
  2. Plan it. I do actually mean be Monica Gellar and schedule sex. If you decide you’re having a better day, you can prepare yourself. Put on a little makeup, choose a sexy outfit (or no outfit at all), send some teasing photos to your partner – even from your bed if you want.
  3. Position is really important. Nobody wants to be in a position, in the midst of passion, and all of a sudden make loud cracking noises from their joints. It’s not sexy. Think about which joints cause you the most trouble or discomfort and amend your position to suit them. If your hips are bad try spooning. If your knees are bad, limit time on top.
  4. Use objects around you for support. Got a cushion near by? Put it under your lower back/bum if you’re lying down. Not only does it ease pressure from that area but it allows for deeper penetration! Win win!!
  5. Take anything you might need beforehand. Use your inhaler if you have asthma and keep the window open so you get a steady flow of fresh air coming in. Have cold towels or heat pads ready for use afterwards if you think you’re going to need them. Have a drink by you too. Sex is thirsty work 😋
  6. End up somewhere comfy! You might get carried away with each other sat in front of the TV or in the kitchen but if you’re gonna be at it a while you might want to move to somewhere a bit more comfortable. You might go from the kitchen to the stairs and eventually to the bed; or stay on the sofa in front of the TV. You could get your partner to carry you there or you might just think “what the heck” and stay right where you are because it’s fun. Just because you might need to move somewhere comfy doesn’t mean you need to stop and then continue in your new spot; keep the fun going on the way!

Do what feels comfortable for you. People are affected by their illnesses in different ways, people enjoy sex in different ways; nobody is the same. I’m very comfortable with myself and my partner to try different things. It’s only through trying things that I know what I like, what he likes, which positions work best at various times etc. Just because you have illness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. I’d love to hear what other tips people have when it comes to sex. 😋 Drop me a comment or a review about this post.

This is only for those of legal age in their country and sex should always be consensual with both parties.

1 thought on “Let’s talk about sex, baby!”

  1. And… keep your sense of humour! 😄 My therapist is also a sex therapist. I met her because I needed pelvic therapy, and they insist you are under the care of a sex therapist. I wasn’t able to continue with pelvic therapy, it was too painful, but she and I were a good fit. I continued regular therapy with her. I am almost completely unable to have sex at this point, and her suggestions included Naked cuddling. I’d also recommend remembering that sex doesn’t always have to be p in v, there are many ways to enjoy each other and sometimes it’s good just to be close. ☺


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