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Yoga Day 1

So, I’ve decided to give yoga a bash. I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been and I put it down to shovelling food in my face without stopping for air. There’s no denying that I’ve been eating more than usual. I quit smoking 8 weeks ago which I’m really proud of, however, I’m filling the void by filling my face! So I made the decision today to give yoga a go and see if it was a way for me to exercise without breaking my body even more.

I typed into You Tube ‘yoga for weight loss’ and clicked the first video on the list. It was about 25 minutes long so it was perfect. The first position meant being on all 4’s which is always going to be a challenge with wobbly joints but it was surprisingly ok. My joints behaved themselves and I found myself enjoying the burn. My balance is terrible and I was wobbling all over the place but I finished it and even had a glistening sheen of sweat on my forehead. 

Once it finished I wanted to do more but I always get carried away and overdo things, so I decided to rest and have some water instead. I’m really glad that I managed to actually do some exercise. I really want to focus on building strength and improving my balance and posture so I’m going to do this routine as often as I can. I’m feeling really tired now but it was to be expected I suppose. 

I’m already thinking of being able to stand on my head and hold crazy poses! Calm down Vicki, this is just Day 1!! Wish me luck everyone!


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