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How To Choose A Motability Car

The motability scheme (UK) is a great way for people in receipt of certain benefits to get a car or a scooter so they can get out and about. Having a car is essential for me to get to appointments and sometimes just to get out of the house. There are loads of cars to choose from and using this scheme takes away the stress of sorting out insurance, services and general upkeep and also payments. The money from your benefit goes straight to the scheme so there’s no stress every month trying to manage payments. As long as you have been awarded the higher rate of the mobility component for a minimum of 12 months then you will be eligible for a vehicle on the scheme. Its a simple process. The only thing you have to do is choose the best car for you.

Some cars have upfront fees called ‘advanced payments,’ which you need to pay when you go to pick up your car. These can vary from around £100 to £2000 depending on which car you choose. There are many with nil advanced payment but if you’re wanting a bigger car, chances are you will have to pay an upfront fee. 

There are also cars which don’t use all of your weekly allowance. They might be a few quid less than the full amount so you would get the difference paid into your bank account instead. These cars are normally the smaller ones and there aren’t many that don’t use your full allowance.

Aside from the cost, you also need to consider what you require from your vehicle. Do you need a car that’s higher up? Do you need a large boot space? Do you need an automatic? Do you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle? You need to have a think about what will make your life easier. As well as the necessities you should think about what you would like your car to have. Do you want a built in satellite navigation system? Do you want dual control air conditioning? Do you want a car with a bigger engine? Do you want a sports model? There are loads of additional features you might want. You’re going to have this car for 3 years so it needs to be right. 

Click Here to search through the cars on the scheme.

The prices change quarterly so keep an eye out for any changes in March, June, September and December. It’s best to look at a couple of options and take them for a test drive if you can. There are also many adaptations that can be put in to help you further. They are normally an additional cost and are done via an external company. You need to check with the motability rep at the dealership whether certain adaptations will be suitable for the car you’re looking at. They will talk you through all of the options available. 

Once you’ve decided on a car, you order it at your dealership. Just check that they have a motability rep available before you go to prevent a wasted journey. You will need to take proof of your award and a form of I.D, normally your driving license or passport and the driving license of a second driver if you wish for them to be put on the insurance. Once you’ve chosen your car, picked the colour you want (some colours come with additional cost) then your order will be processed. A letter will be posted to you from the motability scheme to confirm your order and provide you with a PIN number. You will need to enter the PIN into a computer at the dealership when you go to pick up your car. It is a very simple process. Deciding which car you want is the hardest part! You will be looked after throughout the term of your lease with regards to servicing or any problems you come across, if any. I highly recommend this scheme.

Happy driving!


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