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A Week With The Kids

So school’s out for summer which means everywhere is packed for 5-6 weeks and parents start praying for September to arrive so they can finally get some peace and quiet. We are just about 2 weeks into the holidays now so my stepkids have spent a bit more time here than usual. The youngest, Erin, has been here since 4th August (about 6 days ago) and Jess has been here since 8th August. Before Erin got here I was dreading a week of feeling crap and just hearing ‘I’m bored’ for a week but we’ve actually had lots of fun and laughed loads.

 I think that only having a week with them makes it easier for me to push through the pain. I can do fun things and visit places knowing that I will soon be able to rest and recover. Obviously having your own kids is different. I can only imagine how difficult the school holidays can be when you have a chronic illness.

We’ve done a mixture of chillin’ out and short bursts of fun and I’ve not heard any moaning or complaining of boredom. Here’s what we’ve done:

Shopped for snacks. This may sound silly but I let Erin pick her own snacks out. That way I knew she would be happy with anything I offered her. She loved throwing things into the trolley! It was like Supermarket Sweep for kids! I also treated her to her first grown up meal in McDonald’s.


Girly chats before bed. I’ve always done this with Jess and now Erin is a bit older, she can go to bed a bit later and we can have little conversations while sat on my bed. She told me her millennial kid problems like what her school friends have been messaging her and who “annoys” her. She told me what the cool kids have these days, she told me what she’s looking forward to during the holidays and asked me questions about things. It was cute.

Hair, makeup and nail painting. Erin is such a girly girl so she’s always happy for me to play with her hair, put pretty pink eyeshadow on her and paint her nails with glitter. I’ve straightened her hair, plaited it before bed so it’s wavy in the morning and done cute little up-dos. She then proceeds to take a million selfies on Snapchat which keeps her occupied for ages.

Movie night. We took the duvets downstairs, got snacks and watched Disney films. We sang along to all the songs and impersonated some of the characters and just laughed for ages.

Visited grandma and grandad. Who doesn’t love a trip to their grandparents? Especially when they have a dog that loves to play!

Bowling. We went bowling today. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do much so I just booked one game. It was so much fun and Erin won! Our cheekbones were hurting from laughing at Jess who sucks at bowling and at Paul who was sure he was going to win!

I bought slime. During one of our late night chats, Erin was telling me all about the new obsession kids have…slime. There are kids on YouTube who play with slime and people who try to make it etc so we had a look on eBay. I ordered her a bag of slime for £2.99 and she put a countdown on her phone until the day it arrived. There’s something about getting post that’s just so exciting. She’s thrilled with it and hasn’t stopped playing with it! £2.99 well spent in my opinion!


Sainsburys craft box. Sainsburys sell kits of things to make yourself for around £3 each. Erin chose a mermaid cushion and her and her dad (mostly dad) have spent time sewing it together.


Trampolining. I found a voucher online for an hours trampolining for £5 per person at Jump Nation in Manchester. Some places charge a fair whack for an hours jumping which can quickly add up if there’s more than one person going. Obviously I can’t jump (boo) but Jess, Erin and Jess’ friend Loren did and they were all knackered afterwards! Me and Paul sat in the cafe inside and chilled out while they (mainly Erin) released some energy. It was fab!

Late tea out. We had tea quite late one night because Jess was at dance class. We went to Frankie & Bennys because I had a voucher for 33% off. It was nice and quiet with no kids running about. None of us were on our phones, we just chatted and laughed the whole time. It was proper family time, it was great.

Family Fajita Night. We do this quite often but it’s a big hit in our house. We don’t have a dining table so we put the 2 small coffee tables together, spread all the food out on them and sit around making our own fajitas. I think sitting together at tea time is important. I’d love to have a dining table, maybe one day!

It’s been quite relaxed but really fun. Erin came with me to a couple of appointments too. She told everyone she met that she is going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks and was showing off her sparkly Disney bag which she has taken everywhere with her. Jess had her friend Loren stay over and was at dance every night too so we’ve not seen as much of her as we have Erin.

I’ve loved this past week! I didn’t think I would because of the pain I’ve been suffering with lately. I’ve had early nights, some lie-ins, a nice hot bubble bath and help from Paul this week which has helped immensely. I’ve managed to have a week that’s been all about family instead of all about illness. It’s been a welcome change.

Oh I must add…….we discovered Hoopers alcoholic Dandelion and Burdock! It’s a taste sensation! You must try it!


I hope the school holidays are as enjoyable for others as this week has been for me.



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