Chronic illness

How to create a relaxing environment at home

Here are a few of my tips to creating a relaxing environment.

  1. Lighting. Bright lights can be really overpowering and aren’t relaxing at all. If you need a decent amount of light, go for laps in the corners of the room rather than having the main light on.
  2. Candles. As soon as it starts going dark outside I light my candles. They make me feel so calm and make the house smell lovely.
  3. Salt lamp. These are supposed to help if you suffer from anxiety by replacing ions in the air to give you a sense of relief and calm. They give off a gorgeous, warm glow. I switch mine on every morning to get the most benefits from it.
  4. Soft furnishings. Cushions and rugs make a room look comfier. If it looks comfy then you are more likely to feel relaxed when you enter the room.
  5. Plants. Having real plants in the house naturally purifies the air which can help you think more clearly. Bringing some of the outside into your home also gives you that feeling of freedom and freshness.
  6. Photos. I love having photos on my walls. Every photo is a happy memory and always makes me think of good times. I also like having happy little quotes dotted around to make me feel more positive.
  7. Books. I love to have books in my house. To me, books are portals to escape to other worlds. I love to have them within reach whenever this world gets too much. I have some self help books too that I can flick through whenever my mood is dangerously low and I need a way out of it.
  8. DVD’s. For the same reason. I love watching movies and TV box sets.
  9. Wall colour. Don’t have anything too loud if you want to create a calm environment. Soft shades of grey are my favourite and go with pretty much any colour you have in the room. IMG_3799
  10. My last suggestion is to reflect your personality into the room. That way it will feel more like your space. I have a pug who is my entire world so I have pug ornaments and pictures around. I love them, they really cheer me up (as well as my actual pug does!) If you love music, frame some vinyls or have your music collection on show. Do what you can to make the room your little escape from everything.

I hope you found these tips helpful. I’d love to know your tips to a relaxing environment.


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