Hi, I’m Vicki. I live in Manchester, U.K with my fiancé, Paul, our pug Gus, our 2 cats Dobby and Luna and Paul’s kids, Jessica and Erin, who stay every other weekend. I don’t currently work due to various illnesses that cause pain and fatigue amongst many other symptoms. I also suffer with depression, anxiety disorder and OCD. Physically, my mobility is most affected and me and Paul often joke about how I walk like a penguin! I do need crutches or my wheelchair to get about and since needing to do so, I’ve seen the world from another perspective. I try not to take myself too seriously and I always try to see the positives in life, no matter how tough some days might be. 

I decided to start this blog mostly to keep myself occupied but also to reach out to others who may be in a similar situation or feeling isolated due to their illnesses. I don’t write a blog post every week. My symptoms are always there but can fluctuate and get worse if I try to do too much. Sometimes it may be a few weeks before I post another but that’s because I will more than likely be having a difficult time and I need to focus on resting and getting back to a better level of functioning. I’m sure you will see many different topics discussed but they will all relate to chronic pain or mental health in some way. 

I hope you enjoy my posts 🤘

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