There are so many articles on the Internet and in papers etc about fibromyalgia and how it impairs various bodily functions. There are also letters and videos for family and friends of sufferers that do their best to explain how it feels and why certain tasks can be completed some days and not others. Many … Continue reading Lemmings?

Pre-illness Me

My life before illness was fast-paced and hectic. I had so many different jobs since leaving school because I could never decide what I wanted my career to be. I've been a hairdresser (more a hair washer because I left before the cutting part of training started), a bank transfer processor, a manager, a lingerie … Continue reading Pre-illness Me

Why a blog? 

I'm definitely far from the worst case of chronic illness. I consider myself a 'moderate' sufferer. I have several physical chronic illnesses which cause me pain, fatigue, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, nerve pain and much more. I also suffer with mental health issues; anxiety disorder, OCD, depression and PTSD. There are so many symptoms with each … Continue reading Why a blog?